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Is there something to press or is this just jammed? Royal Portable Typewriters, This is an incomplete catalog of Royal Portable Typewriters made between and Early Royal production numbers are easy, because the first Portable had a serial number of 1. Items in brackets do not appear on the typewriters themselves, but are a reference point for identification. This list will be updated over time. If you have any information on Royal Portables, please send it to typewriterresearch at gmail. This is a typical example of a Royal Model P. In , when the Portable was redesigned, the former P became the Model O, and was produced until This typewriter was offered in several color schemes, including black-and-red, black-and-green, black-and-orange, and black, just to name a few.

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If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year. Case has chrome-plated dual locks and a weatherproof band around the joint. The case has only one instead of two locks, and the one is nickel plated, not chrome plated.

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To make the repairs I needed to figure out what I was dealing with. I finally found the serial number on the right side of the frame under the carriage rail:. The back pops up easily if you pry it gently from the top. With this information, I was able to identify the year and model. I found a very informative blog post in which the author Richard Polt had a type-off between the KMC and a similar Royal:. Thanks for sharing where to find the serial number.

I never would have found it otherwise. Like Like. It is a wide carriage.. Thanks so much.

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The Royal 10 is another giant in the typewriter market. Like the Underwood 5 it is one of the machines that essentially marked the end of the history of typewriter development. Machines like the Royal 10 continued to be built for many decades, with most changes limited to cosmetic alterations.

The Royal Typewriter Company was a manufacturer of typewriters headquartered in New York City with its factory in Hartford, Connecticut.

To continue viewing content on tucson. Current Subscriber? Log in. Activate now. Subscribe now. Q: We found this Underwood No. What do you think it’s worth? What’s the best way to get maximum value? I think a good cleaning would indicate a gem. Best I can tell, it’s in great working order. A: Our reader may be indulging in wishful thinking, so our job is to show her how a smart collector determines possible value. Until she understands how a collector or pro evaluates old typewriters, any observation is just conjecture.

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It’s the patent date for the Underwood standard typebasket, patented by Louis Myers (later co-founder of Royal). Thank you Ted.

Other pages on this site: Collapsing World: a blog Conley Cameras a history in postcards Vintage ocean liner postcards My non-typewriter photography Genealogy , with a focus on the Seaver, Bilyeu, Amidon, and Lowell branches This site is copyrighted. Please don’t use any of the materials here without my permission. Royal was one of the longest-lived typewriter manufacturers. They introduced their first typewriter, the Royal 1, in and did not stop manufacturing tyepwriters until the s. The company still exists, albeit having undergone many incarnations as part of various parent companies.

Today, Royal is owned by Olivetti and still sells typewriters, though none with the famous Royal brand. Royal Standard No. Download the manual for the Model 1 version of this typewriter here. Royal 10 Serial X Note that although both the red and green versions of this model were manufactured in the same year, the red one has black-background keys and no tabulator, and the green one has white-background keys and a tabulator.

Royal 10 14″ carriage Serial Little information is available on this family. The first of these, the Signet, was made o nly from Autumn, until about Sept, Rolled out with a heavy advertising campaign that included an essay contest, it was marketed as a low-cost alternative for “children, housewives, and letter writers”.

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Pretty much all of the dates were wrong — at least a year off, and sometimes more in some cases. I suspect that most of it probably came from a typo that Mr. Schumann might have made in his spreadsheet, as I found some instances where years were simply skipped. Could be he originally had fairly close numbers and the date column got misaligned.

The sources that Mr Schumann used to compile the Royal list are mostly unavailable to me, so I could not check to see if the original source was off or if the data was simply transcribed incorrectly. Office Typewriter Age List No. Typewriter Age Guide, publ. Bruce Beard, Australia. The sources I do have access to all agree almost exactly as to the serial numbers and dates, and that was a pleasant surprise.

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After the first concept of the typewriter was introduced in , many inventors set out to make their own version of the writing machine. By , there were companies manufacturing typewriters on the U. When Bill Shields began selling the machines in the s, that number had dwindled to around five. Today, the manual writing machines may be a thing of the past for business offices, but Shields still proudly keeps a collection of around 30 typewriters.

Typewriters have been an integral part of life to both Bill and his son Stan Shields, who now owns and operates Business Equipment.

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Hess and Lewis C. Myers in January in a machine shop in Brooklyn, New York. In , with their limited cash running out, Hess and Myers turned to Thomas Fortune Ryan , the wealthy financier. They demonstrated their machine which had numerous innovations including: friction-free, ball-bearing, one-track rail to support the weight of the carriage, a new paper feed, a lighter and faster typebar action, and complete visibility of the words as they are typed.

In March the first Royal typewriter, the Royal Standard, was sold. The Royal Standard was different from its competition in that it had a “flatbed” design.

Royal Portable Typewriter

Dating smith corona typewriter Models. See here, one of the 20th century. M springfield serial number indicates date your typewriter serial number. This portable manual antique underwood xerox. These days are more. Finally found the history center of smith-corona’s serial number page that.

I have acquired a very old Royal Typewriter probably from the ‘s that is overall in pretty good working condition and I have looked all over for.

While typing away on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t too long ago when typewriters were the only word-processing machine available. They’re thought to be a staple of s and ’60s offices, but the history goes back much further than that—to the late s when Italian printmaker Francesco Rampazetto invented a machine to impress letters on paper known as the scittura tattile.

Although typewriters are a relic of a bygone era, aficionados enjoy collecting them, whether for whimsy or their value. While all typewriters might have sentimental value, only certain antique or vintage typewriter models can fetch a hefty price. Inventor Henry Mill filed the first patent for a typewriter in , but his idea never truly came to fruition. From there, several people reportedly manufactured the “first” typewriter, including Agostino Fantoni in , Pellegrino Turri in , and Pietro Conti di Cilavegna in However, none of the models were commercially produced until when the Hansen Writing Ball was debuted.

Typewriters manufactured after are generally considered “vintage” rather than “antique. Collectors looking for antique or vintage typewriter models can typically identify them by the brand name that’s stamped on the front of the machine, though determining the exact year it was produced can be difficult. By obtaining the serial and model number of the typewriter, a collector might be able to determine the age of the machine.

Not all typewriters, even vintage models, are valuable. Generally speaking, the older the typewriter, the more valuable it is. Machines made between the s and the s don’t fetch a high price because they’re easily found at thrift shops, flea markets, and other secondhand buying locations. An exception: Typewriters made during WWII aren’t commonly found but are highly valuable because of their historical significance.

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Royal typewriters were first manufactured in the early s by E. Hess, according to TypewriterMuseum. The initial Royal typewriter was later followed by two additional models, the Royal 5 typewriter and the Royal 10 typewriter, which are the most valuable. Later Royal versions varied wildly in their design and, though popular, are not prized as collectibles. Identifying a Royal typewriter is not difficult, since there are several features that distinguish it from other typewriters.

Examine the typewriter for the Royal name, which appeared on every Royal typewriter.

jan – Royal Typewriter Serial Numbers for models: Royal 1, Royal 10, Royal Electric, Royal , Royal , Royal 5, Royal , Royal , Royal​.

That is a common question that I often get over social media or via email. Many of us have typewriters that are given to us by a relative or ones that we purchase from a typewriter shop or maybe at an antique mall. It’s natural to want to know a bit of history about the particular typewriter s that we own. Let me give you a resource to help you find out how old your machine is. The Typewriter Database is a wonderful resource when trying to date your typewriter. Select your typewriter’s Brand from the drop down menu.

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